There is no “I” in team for Scrapperette pitchers



    The Scrapperettes’ softball season has been one for the record books so far. Pitchers Madi Miller and Anna Kesterson have both thrown no-hitters, and Brittany Hilliard has given the Scrapperettes a victory in the form of a perfect game.
    Despite the glory that comes with performing such feats, the trio give complete credit not just to their abilities, but to the hard work and dedication of their fellow teammates, without whom, none of the previously mentioned achievements would have been possible. “It’s about encouraging someone when they are struggling, making sure they know you have their back. The struggles we all face, we all do it together.” said Kesterson.
    “You can’t do it without the team”, Hilliard explained. “It’s not a personal accomplishment, because we couldn’t do it without the rest of the team.” added Miller.
    When asked what their goals were for the rest of the season, all three stated that they wanted to get better as a team, win the state championship, and “beat Mena!”
    Both Brittany Hilliard and Madi Miller started their forays into softball with t-ball. Hilliard is the daughter of Ann and David Hilliard of Nashville. Miller is the daughter of Robyn and Todd Miller of Nashville.