PCSO charges four teens with mailbox vandalization



    PIKE CITY – The Pike County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) reports that four suspects have been charged in the widespread vandalizing of mailboxes in the Pike City and Delight area of Pike County.

    The specific damage has occurred in the Pike City Road, Billstown Road, Caddo Gap Road and Lewis Lee Road.

    Twenty-two mailboxes have been reported with an estimated value in excess of $1,500 in damage, with the first reports of damage having come in to the PCSO on Sunday March 13. Complaints continued to range from the next four Sundays and Saturday April 3.

    Four teenagers, two 16-year olds and a 17-year old from Murfreesboro and a 15-year old male from Delight have each been charged with a single misdemeanor count of criminal mischief in the second degree.

    According to the officers who worked the case – Richard Tomlinson, Robert Shelby and George Donaldson – three of the suspects confessed in an interview with authorities, while one simply refused to say anything.

    The PCSO states that the investigation is ongoing, and that further charges could be handed down. The PCSO states that approximately 50 mailboxes were found to been damaged via investigation, including the 22 that have been reported by residents.

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