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MS City Council hears results of city’s water audit at monthly council meeting



MINERAL SPRINGS – The Mineral Springs City Council met in a brief session on Monday evening. Items on the agenda for the evening were quickly dispatched in an efficient manner.
The City of Mineral Springs received the results of the 2016 Water Audit , and the results were shared with the council members. Mayor Bobby Tullis summed up the entire report as “We are legal, but we’re not making any money.” After examining the report, the council quickly moved to accept the audit, which passed unanimously by a vote of 4-0.
Council members also passed a resolution allowing for the mayor or recorder/treasurer to borrow money from the town’s garbage truck fund for purposes as needed, which then has to be paid back within 6 months of the time removed. The council discussed the resolution, then passed it with a vote of 4-0.
The council also approved a $500 transfer from the city’s general fund to the park fund, for maintenance services around the park as needed for the upcoming time period.
Members in attendance at the meeting were council members Rex Woodley, Steve Dixon, Charles Deloney, and Vera Marks. Mayor Bobby Tullis, City Recorder/Treasurer April Nail, Water Superintendant Jonathan Holden and Police Chief Jeff Witherspoon were also present.