Man arrested for drug, firearm possession


    used Benjamin Micheal Vanfleet mugshot

    Howard County Sheriff

    NASHVILLE- On April 4, Howard County Sheriff’s Deputies Timmy Floyd and Dustin Wakefield were patrolling on Hockaday Lane shortly before midnight when they met a 4-wheeler. The 4-wheeler came from Midway Loop and crossed the state highway before meeting the deputies. When the 4-wheeler passed by the deputies they noticed the operator was Benjamin Vanfleet, 39, of Nashville, and there was a passenger. When the deputies walked up to the 4-wheeler, Vanfleet was taking something out of his right pocket and trying to stuff it in the front of his pants. Vanfleet would not show deputies his hands even after several commands. Wakefield and Floyd grabbed Vanfleet’s hands and at that time noticed a firearm between Vanfleet and the passenger. The firearm – a .22 cal rifle – fell to the ground as the deputies continued to struggle with Vanfleet from the 4-wheeler to the ground. After a brief struggle by Vanfleet the deputies placed handcuffs on him and secured the weapon. The deputies immediately checked on the passenger on the 4-wheeler after controlling the incident [and] they noticed him to be a juvenile. The 13-year-old boy was not harmed. After arresting Vanfleet, Wakefield asked what he had in his pants and Vanfleet told deputies he was trying to hide a marijuana smoking pipe. Wakefield secured the smoking pipe and noticed it had a thick, melted crystal inside the pipe – believed to be methamphetamine. Also found on Vanfleet’s person was a smoking pipe used to smoke marijuana and a hydrocodone pill. Nashville City Officers Ty Basiliere and Keith Philamlee assisted deputies with transporting Vanfleet and the juvenile. The juvenile was returned safely to his mother at the sheriff’s office. Vanfleet is expected to be charged with Possession of Controlled Substance, Methamphetamine; Possession of a Scheduled 2 controlled substance, Hydocodone; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Firearms by Certain Persons. No bond has been set as of this release.

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