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Nashville man facing charges for theft


MURFREESBORO – A Nashville man will face three felony and one misdemeanor charge after he was identified after pawning the stolen items in Howard and Pike Counties.
Richard Keith Taylor, DOB 9-21-1984, will face charges of possession of a firearm by certain persons, residential burglary, theft of a firearm and theft of property. According to the court affidavit, the charges revolve around a theft of 940 Pike City Road.
The Pike County Sheriff’s Office was contacted on February 23 to report a burglary at the afore mentioned Pike City Road address.
After allegedly forcing open the front door, possibly with his shoulder, the accused broke into a gun safe with a pry bar or other blunt instrument and took nine guns, including one from under a bed.
In addition, a 40” television was also taken from the residence. Houseowner Wayne Bunker estimated a $6,150 sum loss between property loss and damage.
Fingerprints were taken from the gun cabinet and DNA evidence was taken from a palm print. Police also collected what could be blood evidence, all of which has been shipped for identification.
On February 28, a search of the computer system containing recently pawned items found a serial number match for one of the firearms at Pawn Kings in Nashville.
Further investigation found that three of the guns related to the crime had been pawned at the pawn shop by Taylor, and then five more guns at Pawn Kings Murfreesboro.
Pawn Kings will now also be listed as a victim, asking for restitution in the amount of $1,000 for the Nashville Branch and $500 for the Murfreesboro branch as the guns were seized for evidence.
Video evidence supposedly places Taylor in the Murfreesboro pawn shop, and he was addition identified by eye witnesses.
One gun, a Remington 7.62×54 bolt action, and the 40” RCA TV remain unaccounted for.
Taylor, a previously convicted felon, confessed to the arresting officers in Nashville of possessing firearms and the break-in of the Pike City Road residence.
He claims to have thrown the Remington firearm “out in the woods at Pike City.”
Taylor also confessed to breaking into his uncle’s shed and stealing a compound bow and several tools.
A bond of $50,000 was set for Taylor.

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