Manager, husband arrested for burglary at EZ-Mart in Murfreesboro


    Heather Grabin
    Murfreesboro Diamond

    MURFREESBORO-A robbery that occurred at the Murfreesboro E-Z Mart Wednesday may have been an inside job by store’s new manager.
    Thirty-one-year old Johnna O’Neal and her husband, 32-year-old Rodney Robert O’Neal had both relocated from Hot Springs to Murfreesboro for Johnna to pursue her career advancement in the company. She began as the Murfreesboro E-Z Mart manager about two to three weeks ago.
    According to Murfreesboro Police Chief Randy Lamb, the Pike County Sheriff’s Department received a 9-1-1 call at 3:38 p.m. reporting a robbery at the store.
    Members from the Murfreesboro Police Department and the Pike County Sheriff’s Department immediately responded to the scene.
    Upon arrival, the new store manager Johnna O’Neal provided a statement that a man pushed her down as she was getting in her car and stole the store’s bank deposit bags.
    After providing officers with a description of the alleged assailant, a perimeter was set up and officers began searching for the man.
    While the perimeter search was underway, Chief Lamb reviewed the surveillance video at E-Z Mart and Pike County Deputies reviewed surveillance footage from Bear State Bank.
    The officers immediately noted discrepancies between Johnna’s statements she had provided and the surveillance video footage at both locations.
    After further questioning by officers, Johnna gave consent for her residence to be searched. Her husband Rodney was in the home when officers arrived, and the stolen money was recovered in the couple’s residence.
    The couple was transported to the Pike County Detention Facility for booking at 6:19 p.m. Wednesday evening.
    Pending charges of felony theft of property are pending upon approval from the prosecuting attorney’s office.

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