No charges filed in alleged animal cruelty investigation


    According to a statement released by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office an investigation into an alleged incident of animal cruelty has been closed without any charges to be filed.

    According to the sheriff’s statement, The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office carried out several interviews over the course of their investigation. The investigation revealed that the individuals involved did not mutilate, or torture the animal in any way.

    They ascertained through the course of their investigation that the individuals involved thought the animal to be deceased after being shot off campus. Later it was taken onto Caddo Hills School Campus where it was discovered to be alive.

    At that point, the individuals tried to kill the animal with what they had at their disposal. The statement reiterated that there was no evidence of any criminal intent on the individuals’ behalf.

    The animal in question was a bobcat which was brought to campus by a student who had been trapping the night before. The student killed the animal on campus after it was discovered to be alive. The school resource officer was contacted and he determined that the student in question did not have a firearm in their possession on campus.