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Mineral Springs purchases waste water baffle curtain



MINERAL SPRINGS – The Mineral Springs City Council met for a brief session on Monday and authorized the purchase of a waste water baffle curtain during the meeting.
The waste water baffle curtain will cost the city $11,385 and will be paid for in 18 monthly installments of $650 over 18 months. Council member Charles Deloney made a motion for the purchase of the curtain, and was seconded by Vera Marks. The resolution passed 4-0.
The city council also adopted a resolution to close the city’s Water/Sewer revenue bond checking account and move the remaining balance of $500.12 into the city’s Water/Sewer general checking account. The resolution passed 4-0.
Willie O’Neal, private citizen, spoke to the council about the problem of stray dogs coming into his yard. Mayor Bobby Tullis assured Mr. O’Neal that the problem was being addressed and action was being taken to resolve the issue.
City Recorder/Treasurer April Nail gave the financial report to the council, and stated that the city brought in revenues of $45,973.44, and had expenses of $45,709.10 for the month of January. The city had also received $4,326.50 in sales tax revenues for the month.
Members present during the meeting were Mayor Bobby Tullis, City Treasurer/Recorder April Nail, Council Members Steve Dixon, Rex Woodley, Vera Marks, Charles Deloney, Police Chief Jeff Witherspoon, and Water Superintendant Jonathan Holden.

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