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First meeting of Murfreesboro Planning Commission held Monday


The Murfreesboro Planning Commission held its first meeting Monday night. The Planning Commission is made up of three citizen commissioners Cleta Cooper, Steve Conly, and Carol Jean White. City Council members serving as commissioner are Dana Stone and Jeff Walls.
Members of the Planning Commission were assigned terms per Ordinance Number 2014-3. Conly will serve one year, Walls will serve two years, Stone will serve three years, Cooper will serve four years and White will serve for five years.
Walls was elected as Chairman, Stone as Vice-Chairperson and Cooper as Secretary.
The group agreed to hold monthly meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the first Monday of the month in the Conference Room at Murfreesboro City Hall. The monthly meetings will be held while the commission is establishing their duties and getting a better understanding of the needs of the whole community.
Each member was given a packet containing copies of Ordinances pertaining to the planning and rules of the city, both repealed and current, to review before the next meeting.