Felony filed against Nashville woman in Pike County


    MURFREESBORO—A felony charge has been filed against a 28-year-old Nashville woman in Pike County Circuit Court.

    Brittney Jane Pearson was formally charged with possession of a controlled substance, a Class D felony on February 3. She also received one Class A misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance.

    According to the affidavit of arrest, on January 25 at approximately 7 p.m. Glenwood Police Officer Jerry Lowery radioed the Pike County Sheriff’s Office and said that he was in transport and the vehicle he was following was driving all over the road. Lowery said he was just passing the landfill road on Highway 27 North. Pike County Deputies Shaun Furr, Richard Tomlinson, Robert Shelby and Murfreesboro Police Officer Justin Hughes were advised of the call.

    Deputy Furr met the vehicle at the Murfreesboro city limits and began to follow it. He observed the vehicle cross the yellow line and noticed that a brake light was out. Deputy Furr initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle near the junction of Highway 27 North and Highway 26 East where he was joined by Deputies Shelby and Tomlinson, and Officer Hughes.

    According to the report, Deputy Furr saw a female in the passenger seat of the vehicle that appeared upset and had been crying. He asked the driver of the vehicle, who was identified as Zachary Pearson, if everything was okay and was told that the couple was having some family problems.

    An Arkansas Crime Information Check (ACIC) on Zachary Pearson revealed that he had previous drug charges and was on probation. Deputy Furr explained why he had stopped the vehicle and asked for consent to search. Zachary Pearson stated that he would rather not consent to a search and Deputy Furr asked him if he was still on probation and if he had signed a waiver for probation. Zachary Pearson acknowledged the fact that he was on probation, but told Deputy Furr he had refused to sign the probation waiver.

    Earlier when Zachary Pearson’s information was checked through ACIC it showed where he did sign the probation waiver. Deputy Furr contacted Zachary Pearson’s probation officer, Louis White, to confirm Zachary Pearson’s signature on the waiver. White asked to talk to Zachary Pearson and after he spoke with her he gave officers consent to search his vehicle.

    Zachary Pearson was already outside of the vehicle speaking with officers when he gave consent. Officers asked the passenger, identified as Brittney Pearson, to get out of the vehicle. During the search of the vehicle, Deputy Tomlinson found several bottles of pills that all had the correct bottles with prescription labels on them.

    Deputy Tomlinson found four white pills with the number 446 imprinted on them without a bottle in Brittney Pearson’s purse that was located on the passenger side of the vehicle. The pills were identified as carisoprodol, a schedule IV narcotic.

    Deputy Furr advised Brittney Pearson that she was under arrest for the pills and she was placed into custody. Deputy Furr asked Brittney Pearson if she had anything else on her or her person and that if she did she would receive a felony charge for bringing contraband into the jail. Zachary Pearson told Deputy Furr that Brittney Pearson had a nicotine patch and a birth control patch on her body and both of the Pearsons asked if Zachary Pearson could take the patches off of Brittney Pearson.

    According to the affidavit of arrest, the patches were allowed to be removed and Zachary Pearson took three patches from Brittney Pearson’s body and threw them on the ground. When Zachary Pearson threw the patches on the ground Deputy Shelby asked what they were and Zachary Pearson said they were “just nicotine and birth control patches.”

    Deputy Shelby collected the discarded patches and they were later identified as Fentanyl, a schedule II narcotic, and Brittney Pearson was transported to the Pike County Jail.

    Brittney Pearson made a first appearance in Pike County Circuit Court on February 1 and bond was set at $2,500.

    Added 02/08/16 by Terrica Hendrix:

    Last month, Pearson “was issued a citation for no proof of insurance and was charged with refusal to submit to a chemical test,” after a six-vehicle accident occurred on Main Street near The Nashville News on Jan. 13. She was cited and released that day.
    According to Nashville Police Officer Aaron Quick, “Vehicle 4 – driven by Tanya King – was stopped in the southbound lane attempting to turn into the City Hall parking lot with three other vehicles stopped behind her. Vehicle 1 – driven by Brittney Pearson – rear-ended Vehicle 2 – driven by Steven Snell – causing a train reaction to rear-ending all vehicles in line. When Snell’s vehicle was rear-ended, his accelerator stuck and causing his vehicle to continue driving south. Snell pulled his emergency brake and jumped out of the car. His car made a U-turn,” hitting two Nashville News employee’s parked vehicles; Natasha Worley’s (ad manager) car and Michael Graves (Publisher) truck, Quick explained.
    The officer added that Snell was transported by ambulance to Howard Memorial Hospital.
    Vehicles involved in the accident, include:
    Brittney Pearson – Vehicle 1
    Steven Snell – Vehicle 2
    Laura Gilbert – Vehicle 3
    Tanya King – Vehicle 4
    Natasha Worley – Vehicle 5
    Michael Graves – Vehicle 6.