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CodeRED Information


As a part of the CodeRED service, a user’s cellphone can be sent texts notifying them of any emergency notifications in their area. Signing up for the service is done through the CodeRED website, for which links are available on the weather tab of the Nashville News’s website, http://www.swarkansasnews.org.
If a user wishes to have texts sent to their cell phone, the sign up form asks which carrier the enrollee uses, and it lists all the major carriers. For users with a pre-paid wireless plan such as Straight Talk, Jitterbug, and Tracphone, however, your carrier doesn’t show up on the list.
To find out which carrier handles one’s pre-paid wireless services, one can send a text message to their email account. When the email is opened, one will see the sender is the cell phone number followed by the cell phone provider. It should look something like this, depending on who the carrier is: 1231234567@txt.att.net (AT&T). Other common providers are: messaging.sprintpcs.com (Sprint), tmomail.net (T-Mobile), vmoble.com (Virgin Mobil USA), and vtext.com (Verizon).
On the CodeRED form, select the provider based off the sender information in that email. Continue filling out the form, and one will receive emergency information to your cell phone.