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Book Review: Charlotte’s Web


Kaitlynn O’Connor | Nashville Elementary School

Charlotte’s Web by author E.B. White is a very good book. A girl named Fern saves a pig from being killed by her father. The pig, Wilbur, is moved to her Uncle’s farm and lives in the barn. He becomes friends with a spider named Charlotte. She saves Wilbur from being killed and made into ham. She writes on her web saying stuff like “Some Pig” or “Radiant.”
I really like this book because it is a classic book, and classic books are always good books. It’s full of great characters like Templeton the Rat, and Mr. Zuckerman the farmer.
It really had a lot of suspense. Like the one time Wilbur was at the fair, it makes you wonder “Oh my God! I wonder if he’ll win the ribbon!” FYI, he did. Thanks for reading my book review! Bye!

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