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South Pike County School District: Shift in ranks will create vacancy for elementary principal


By John Balch

Leader staff

A new position at the South Pike County School District has a resulted in a shift in the ranks and will create a vacancy in the elementary’s principal office.

Current Elementary Principal Tanya Wilcher received approval for the school board last week to take on the title of the district’s new director of programs. Wilcher will assume the director duties July 1 and vacate the elementary principal position she has held for the last six years. Wilcher was approved for the position for the 2016-2017 school year by a 6-0 vote.

The new position was created in part due to the resignation of the district’s technology coordinator, Karen Richardson, who worked a three-day work week. The position will become a five-day position and duties will include overseeing all aspects of the district’s technology programs and working as professional development coordinator, as well as other assigned duties based on district needs.

Wilcher is in her sixth year as principal of both the Delight and Murfreesboro elementary schools. She is a longtime employee of the district and taught chemistry, physical science and physics before becoming Murfreesboro High School’s counselor. Wilcher then worked at the Delight School District, prior to the merger that created the South Pike County School District, for six years, which included two years as elementary principal, two years as high school principal and two years as K-12 principal.

Wilcher returned to Murfreesboro to serve as high school counselor and federal programs coordinator for two years before moving to the elementary principal’s seat.

In other school board business last week, the district approved a resolution that will allow the restructuring of a district bond. The restructuring could result in a savings of up to $200,000, according to Jason Holsclaw, vice president of public finance with Stephens, Inc. The savings, if the market holds and the restructuring happens, would not be realized until 2017. Holsclaw said the goal of the bond restructuring would be to “lower interest costs.”

Also last week, the board approved revisions to district policies concerning dress codes for the junior/senior prom, sports banquets and school dances. The revision deals with “overt exhibitionism” and the policy will be enforced by a committee and the high school principal. The policy revision was expected to be presented to students and staff last week.

In addition to filling the new director of programs position, the board voted 6-0 to add one year to Superintendent Roger Featherston’s contract to expire June 30, 2018.

The board also accepted the resignation of paraprofessional and bus driver Michelle Pullen. The board voted to give Terrie Slatton Pullen’s bus routes and hired Amy Campbell for the vacant paraprofessional position.

The personnel decisions were made after a closed short executive session.

Featherston reported during the meeting that the district’s enrollment numbers are “holding steady” with 300 Murfreesboro elementary students, 102 Delight elementary students and 301 Murfreesboro High School students.

Featherston also reported that new basketball goals have been ordered for the main gym and the district’s Activity Room. The cost of the new goals will be $19,212. A new LED lighting system for the Activity Room has also been ordered and will cost $7,043. The new system is expected to save the district more than $46,000 during its 20-year lifespan.

Payments for the goals and the lighting system were approved by the board from the district’s building fund.

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