New NHS dining hall opens


    Southwest Arkansas Radio
    Nashville High School’s construction
    project on the south end of the building is
    nearing completion. The new cafeteria dining
    room opened this week and is receiving
    positive feedback from students. Assistant
    Principal Kim Slayton said the room is very
    functional and is a great, needed addition to
    the building.
    “We have 251 chairs in the cafeteria and
    were able to hold that many students for
    lunch. Three 50 inch televisions will be
    installed and some drop-down screens for
    projection purposes. Crews are still working
    on the restrooms and those should be complete
    by the end of this week. The cafeteria
    will be offering some additional menu items
    soon, including a sandwich and possibly
    a fiesta line (items like nachos).”
    A smaller courtyard has
    been constructed next to
    the dining hall with outdoor
    seating and lights.
    An indoor hallway now
    connects the dining hall to
    the rest of the facility and
    can be used in inclement
    Students that are car riders
    can now be dropped off
    at the south entrance.
    Slayton said the first
    event to be hosted at the
    new facility will be the Rotary
    Football Banquet on
    Sat., Jan. 30.
    Still under construction
    next to the dining hall is a
    room that school officials
    hope to convert into a business
    class and cafe.
    Work is still ongoing to the
    exterior of the building and a
    new floor is being installed in
    the old gymnasium.

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