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Nashville Shelter Insurance Agent Greg Tate retiring



Nashville Shelter Insurance Agent Greg Tate will retire after working nearly 38 years in the industry. He is pictured with his son, Steve, and Rose Dean.

NASHVILLE – Shelter Insurance
Agent Greg Tate is
retiring after working for
almost 38 years in the insurance
industry. Tate says he
has seen several changes
over the years and that insurance
is something that
everyone needs. “I have
thoroughly enjoyed it, I love
working with people. Insurance
is something you need
if you want to purchase a
house or car.”
Tate says he will continue
working some at the office
and that his son, Steve, will
be managing the business. “I
am mainly doing it for Steve,
he needs a certain number of
years to build up his retirement.
The longer I stay, the
longer he would have to stay
in the future. I don’t plan on
going anywhere really.”
There are several insurance
companies in town and
Tate says it is a bit different
working in a small town. “For
the consumer, when they go
to buy insurance-especially
in Nashville, there’s really
not a bad company to buy
insurance from. Rates go
up and down and for most
people they purchase it from
from someone they like
to do business with.”
Tate says it has been a
great ride and he has enjoyed
working for Shelter

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