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Investigation that began in October brings felony charge to Glenwood man


Twenty-seven-year-old Stephen Thornton of Glenwood made a first appearance in Pike County Circuit Court January 4 for a felony charge of failure to comply with registration and requirements (class C) and a misdemeanor charge of drug paraphernalia (class A).
The charges come after an extensive investigation by the Pike County Sheriff’s Department that began in October. According to the affidavit of arrest, on October 11 Pike County Deputy Robert Shelby stopped an unlicensed truck driven by Thornton in Glenwood. Thornton stopped the truck at a residence on Reese Road and when Deputy Shelby requested identification he said that he had a suspended driver’s license.
Pike County Dispatch ran Thornton through ACIC to obtain his information and found that Thornton was operating a vehicle on a suspended driver’s license. Thornton was taken into custody and transported to the Pike County Detention Facility.
While Deputy Shelby was compiling a case file on Thornton for the arrest he discovered that Thornton is a registered sex offender with a Sims address. Deputy Shelby also noted that the Pike County Sheriff’s Department had received a phone call from the owner of the residence on Reese Road where the traffic stop was conducted. The owner advised dispatch that Thornton and his girlfriend had rented the home three days prior to the traffic stop.
Deputy Shelby turned Thornton’s file over to Pike County CID for investigation due to his registered address not matching his new address of Glenwood and on December 1 Pike County Detective Sgt. Clark Kinzler requested dispatch to run a query of sex offender registration on Thornton.
The results of the search showed Thornton to be a registered sex offender with a Sims address who had not followed sex offender guidelines by reporting his move to Pike County to the Sheriff’s Department.
Detective Sgt. Kinzler contacted the landlord of the Reese Road residence on December 7 who verified he had rented the trailer to Thornton and his girlfriend in October and could provide a copy of the lease. Detective Sgt. Kinzler requested Deputy Shelby to go by the residence and see if Thornton was there.
Thornton was at the home and was taken into custody. On December 8 the lease agreement was given to Detective Sgt. Kinzler, but the landlord said Thornton had never returned the first two pages.
Detective Sgt. Kinzler interviewed Thornton who denied living at the residence but said he probably stayed there more than he should have. Thornton was asked if the residence could be searched for the missing lease pages and he agreed.
Authorities asked Thornton if anything illegal was in the home and he told Detective Sgt. Kinzler that there would be paraphernalia for marijuana that belonged to him, but nothing else. After a consent to search form was signed by Thornton and his girlfriend the additional lease papers and the paraphernalia were found.
Thornton’s bond was set by phone for $10,000 by Judge Tom Cooper on Dec. 8.