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City ends 2015 on positive note



NASHVILLE – The city of Nashville ended the year of 2015 on a positive note, according to the city Finance Director Jimmy Dale at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.
“The city ended the year with $169,555 more in all cash accounts than when the year started.” Dale told the council during his financial report. “Revenues were over budget at 1.68 percent, meaning we collected $148,692.45 more than we budgeted for, and we were over budget in Expenses 2.75%, meaning we spent $242,633.23 more than we budgeted for which is outstanding considering the overall budget exceeded over $8,000,000 both in revenue and expenses.”
Nashville City Park Recreation Supervisor Miles Mitchell was honored during the meeting with a certificate of appreciation for his years of service.
Fire Chief Jerry Harwell reported that letters are starting to be mailed to owners of property in the city that is not in compliance with city ordinances. Harwell stated that Mayor Billy Ray Jones had given him a list of 32 addresses of properties not in compliance, and that the process of contacting the owners of the properties had begun.
Harwell also reported that the new tornado sirens for the city had been delivered to the fire station, and that they were scheduled to be installed on February 10-12.
Present at the meeting were Aldermen Mike Milum, Carol Mitchell, James Parker, Kay Gathright, Jimmie Lou Kirkpatrick, Vivian Wright, Monica Clark, Nick Davis, Donna Harwell, Joe Hoen, and Matt Smith. Alderman Andy Anderson was absent.
Also in attendance were Mayor Billy Ray Jones, City Clerk Mary Woodruff, City Attorney Bryan Chesshir, Fire Chief Jerry Harwell, Public Works Director Larry Dunaway, Chief of Police Dale Pierce, Finance Director Jimmy Dale, City Park Recreation Supervisor Miles Mitchell, and Nashville Police Officer Ty Basiliere.