Account set up to help local couple



    A GoFundMe account
    has been set up
    for Leslie and Zack
    Winton – who are currently
    expecting their
    second little girl – Mylie
    Alice. Their daughter
    Adyson is 3-year- old.
    Leslie is currently 24
    weeks pregnant and
    has been put on indefinite
    bed rest until baby
    Mylie arrives. She has
    been diagnosed with
    placental abruption
    with a blood clot that
    has formed behind the
    Placental abruption
    is a serious complication
    of pregnancy. The
    placenta is a structure
    that develops in the
    uterus during pregnancy
    to nourish the
    growing baby. If the
    placenta peels away
    from the inner wall of
    the uterus before delivery
    — either partially
    or completely — it’s
    known as placental
    abruption and can
    deprive the baby of oxygen
    and nutrients and
    cause heavy bleeding
    in the mother. Placental
    abruption often
    happens suddenly. Left
    untreated, placental
    abruption puts both
    mother and baby in
    Leslie was admitted
    to St. Michael’s in
    Texarkana on Dec. 30.
    She was sent by ambulance
    the next day to
    UAMS where she was
    told that she would be
    on bedrest unable to go
    home until Baby Mylie
    arrived. Leslie has
    been released to stay
    in a hotel beside UAMS
    and will continue to be
    monitored daily by the
    staff. This is definitely
    going to put a financial
    strain on their family.
    Not only are medical
    bills piling up, but now
    their unexpected hotel
    fees and the day-today
    bills back home are
    growing as well.
    Leslie and Zack
    both work full-time.
    Leslie volunteers
    every Wednesday to
    help with a Christian
    based mentoring
    program in Nashville
    called BBASIC where
    38 teenagers mentor
    grade school students.
    She and Zack have
    generously supported
    mission trips our youth
    have taken to Guatemala
    for the past
    four years, as well as
    sponsoring children
    with back to school
    supplies, clothes, and
    Christmas gifts. Visit
    GoFundMe for more
    information about