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Timberwolves best Rattlers, Lady Rattlers defeat Oden


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ODEN – The Oden Timberwolves and Murfreesboro Rattlers split a trio of games as the Timberwolves celebrated homecoming last Friday night.
Homecoming Queen Brandi Summitt was treated to a 47-32 victory over the Rattlers in senior boys’ action and Oden alum T.O. White was honored as being the oldest veteran member of the Oden basketball program in attendance.
In a rare start to the night the senior boys kicked things off to allow the girls time to enjoy homecoming.
Murfreesboro looked to spoil the night for the Timberwolves with a 15-9 first period lead. Oden’s defense tightened, allowing only one Murfreesboro point in the second quarter, while the Timberwolf offense tallied 14 points to take a 23-16 halftime lead.
The second half was all Oden with the Timberwolves outscoring Murfreesoboro 24-16.
Jeff Lewis was the leading scorer on the night for Oden with 19 points, followed by Matt Vincent with 15. Aaron Carmack scored seven and Matt Thomas, Tyler Fair and Will Monk each scored two points.
Javonte Green led the Rattlers with 11 points, followed by Mason Alexander with nine. Tyler Gilbert and Hughes each scored four, Faulkner scored two and Zach Eckert scored one.
The Junior Lady Rattlers earned a 41-22 victory over the Junior Lady Timberwolves.
Murfreesboro eased out to a 6-3 lead in the first period and rallied to a 19-8 halftime lead.
They outscored Oden 22-13 in the second half to win the game by 19.
Erin Davis was the leading scorer for Murfreesboro with 14, followed by Hannah Kuykendall with eight. Madison Humphrey scored seven, Jordae Hunter scored six and Avi Leeper, Hople Bickley and Madison May each scored two.
Allie Strother led the Junior Lady Timberwolves with eight, followed by Alli Hughes with four. Autumn Rice, Jacy Blansett and Dixie Standridge each scored three.
The Lady Rattlers ended the night with a 59-29 victory over the Lady Timberwolves in senior girls’ action.
Murfreesboro jumped out to a 13-9 lead in the first half and a 15-6 run in the second gave them a 28-15 halftime lead. They put the game away in the third with an 18-9 run and ended the game with a 13-5 run.
Jynsen Smith was the leading scorer for Murfreesboro with 19 points, followed by Loran Wilcher with 11. Ari Leeper and Jacey Seldena each scored nine, and Loren Gills scored five. Lexie Baxter and Lillie Martin each scored three.
Eden Singleton was the leading scorer for Oden with 11, followed by Sara Black with seven and Katie Cox with six. Shawna Van Horn scored two.

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