Railroad representatives address Mineral Springs City Council about possible ‘transloading facility’


    MINERAL SPRINGS – Representatives who own the local
    railroad holding company addressed the Mineral Springs City
    Council about a possible transloading facility on Monday.
    Watco Transportation Services Senior Marketing Manager
    Carla Ewing, Trainmaster for Nashville Michael Corbell, and a
    private enterprise, represented by D.E. Ray, were on hand to
    discuss with the council plans that could mean new jobs due
    to a possible railroad transloading facility being added.
    “The Mineral Springs
    transloading facility would
    be handling items brought
    in by train, unloading them,
    then loading the goods onto
    a truck to be shipped to its
    final destination.” stated Ray.
    Ewing explained how Watco
    would begin to investigate
    a possibility of opening
    a transloading facility, and
    asked the council how the
    company could make “this
    the best experience for you.”
    Mayor Bobby Tullis indicated
    that the property was
    zoned commercial and that
    the property was owned
    by Watco, and he personally
    would welcome Watco
    approaching the town and
    businesses to begin the
    Councilmember Charles
    Deloney asked if there would
    be anything explosive being
    shipped in, then shared concerns
    about the fire department
    being scattered. Ewing
    then stated they could limit
    shipping to nothing explosive
    being brought in.
    The council reviewed
    and accepted the 2016 City
    Budget during the session.
    The motion carried unanimously,
    Financial reports were
    given by City Recorder/
    Treasurer April Nail.
    The city had $33,642.96
    in expenses for the month
    of November, and the ending
    balance for the month was
    A motion was made to
    have Council Member Steve
    Dixon assume mayoral duties
    for Tullis, should something
    happen to him, as
    interim Mayor.
    A motion was made and
    passed 4-0 in favor of the
    Present during the meeting
    were Council Members
    Rex Woodley, Steve Dixon,
    Charles Deloney, and Vera
    Marks. Mayor Bobby Tullis,
    Recorder/Treasurer April
    Nail, and City Attorney
    LeAnn Daniel.

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