NHS cafeteria near completion; Substitute teachers pay to increase


    Southwest Arkansas Radio
    NASHVILLE – The high
    school’s new cafeteria project
    construction is nearing
    completion. Nashville School
    District Superintendent Doug
    Graham updated the board
    on the cafeteria construction
    project at the high school.
    Plans are to begin serving
    meals in the new area the
    first or second week of January.
    The facility will include
    a stage with audio/visual
    equipment. Graham said the
    new cafeteria will be a great
    addition to the building. One
    of the first events that will be
    held in the new addition will
    be the Rotary Football Banquet.
    Flooring for hallways
    and other areas should be
    delivered this Friday.
    In other business heard
    during the meeting, the board
    approved raising the daily
    pay substitute teachers receive
    from $50 to $53. The
    federal minimum wage is
    increasing Jan. 1 from$ 7.50
    an hour to 8 an hour. This will
    affect food service, custodial,
    and classroom substitutes.
    While food service and custodial
    subs are paid by the
    hour, classroom subs are
    paid a daily rate. Licensed
    and certified substitutes will
    remain the same at $60 and
    The Nashville Scrappers
    claimed the 4A state football
    championship on Saturday.
    Graham congratulated the
    team and says it was a special
    night for the community.
    “The small stuff behind the
    scenes is what makes me
    emotional,” Graham said.
    “All of our school campuses
    take an interest in the football
    players and are very helpful
    when there is a need to be
    met. Our coaches work on a
    day to day basis with them
    and work hard to make sure
    the students are also taking
    care of their academics. It’s
    not just about receiving that
    championship trophy, it’s
    everything and everyone
    coming together that makes
    me proud.”
    The Scrapper Booster
    Club will be selling state
    championship shirts later
    this week.
    The board set their next
    meeting to be held on Jan.