Men receive prison sentence in Dierks arson case


    NASHVILLE – Two men
    charged with accomplice to
    arson last year, were sentenced
    to prison.
    David Kyle Bray, 26, of Umpire,
    entered a no contest plea
    to accomplice to arson before
    Circuit Judge Tom Cooper
    shortly after a Howard County
    jury was called on Dec. 15.
    Robert Gray, 43, of Dierks,
    also entered a no contest plea
    to accomplice to arson that
    same day.
    Both men were sentenced
    to five years in the Arkansas
    Department of Correction and
    ordered to pay court costs,
    a DNA fee and $26,500 in restitution
    to Shelter Insurance
    (jointly and severally). They
    were also given credit for jail
    time served.
    According to court records,
    the Dierks Fire Department
    responded to a trailer house
    fire on 6th Street in Dierks on
    Men receive prison
    sentence in Dierks
    arson case
    May 3, 2014. Fire Chief Mike
    Noel requested that an investigation
    be conducted into
    the fire due to the burn patterns
    that were throughout
    that were throughout the
    structure –owned by Avery
    Fatheree and occupied by
    David Bray.
    “David Bray was interviewed
    on Aug. 13, by Dierks
    Officer John McKee and
    Howard County Investigator
    David Shelton. David Bray
    gave a statement to the fact
    that he had joked around
    with Robert Gray and others
    about burning the trailer.
    He admitted that on May 3
    while he was on his way to
    the car races that he called
    someone and told them to
    burn the trailer. He stated
    that he meant it as a joke
    and didn’t think that they
    would do it. He stated that
    he did not tell law enforcement
    officials about this
    after the trailer burned,”
    according to records.

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