Local fire fighter attends active shooter training


    David Kimball, Lead Medical Responder from the Southfork-Center VFD, recently attended an active shooter class given by the Paragon Medical Education Group.
    The Arkansas Ambulance Association hosted an innovative training experience for first responders. EMTs, Paramedics, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement Officers engaged in best practice concepts related to penetrating trauma based upon a facilitated integrated active shooter simulation experience utilizing human cadavers.
    Interactive scenarios and team dynamics challenged EMS, fire service and law enforcement to work together with a focus on safe entry and care of those injured. The high-fidelity scenarios and procedural cadaver labs were tailored to enable EMTs and Paramedics to learn the latest in the treatment of penetrating trauma and advanced trauma airway techniques.
    At the same time, other first responders were able to learn the importance of being part of a high functioning member of a response team during events such as an active shooter.
    First Responders were put to the test as they are pressed into this intense realistic experience where the focus is on rapid assessment and treatment of patients with significant penetrating trauma. They also had the opportunity to learn the importance of situational awareness leadership using best practices in prehospital trauma management along with integrated first response lessons learned in recent Active Shooter events. This type course is first in the State of Arkansas.
    The training took place in Jacksonville Saturday, December 5.