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Hempstead County Deputies to receive salary increase


Sheriff James Singleton
Hempstead County
HOPE – “As you are
all aware I have been
asking for deputies
salaries to be increased
since taking office in
2011,” Hempstead
County Sheriff James
Singleton said via press
release. “I am happy to
report that beginning
in January of 2016 our
Deputies will receive a
much needed raise in
salary. Deputies starting
pay will increase
from $24,700 to
$30,000 per year.
We have worked
very hard this past year
to operate within the
budget and take some
costs cutting measures
in the various sections
of the Detention Center
and Sheriff’s Office for
next year.
I want to thank
everybody for their
support for the voluntary
tax, and your
contributions to the In
God We Trust program
where all money raised
is turned over to the
county treasurer and
deposited into a fund
that can only be used
for deputy’s salaries.
Please remember
when tax statements
are mailed out next
year to check the
voluntary tax box and
help us keep qualified
professionally trained
deputies working for
Hempstead County.
I want to thank the
Quorum Court, Judge
Haskell Morse, and
County Clerk Sandra
Rogers for their help in
helping get our Deputies
the much needed
raise in salary.”