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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever not so wimpy of a read


Hi! It’s me, Kaitlynn O’Connor. This week, I recommend
you read Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by
Jeff Kinney.
Greg’s winter got off to a bad start this year. His mom
found a creepy doll called Santa’s Scout, which ruined
Greg’s usual plan on how to find out what he is getting
for Christmas. He also decided to start a holiday bazaar.
When he makes neon green posters to advertise and
puts them on the front of the school, rain leaves bright
green splotches on the wall. He gets blamed for school
vandalism because Rowley ratted him out. And, on top
of that, a blizzard hits and traps Greg indoors with his
family. Manny turns off the electricity to all the rooms
but his, leaving the rest of the family like a bunch of
ice cubes.
I’ve read all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and
this is one of my favorites. It’s chock full of nothing but
laughter. All his wacky adventures are so funny, you
will hold your sides. At some points I could compare
Greg’s family to mine! When I’m trapped inside with
my family sometimes I just want to rip my hair out!
Seriously! No joke!
Anyhow, I like that Jeff Kinney sort of compared
Greg’s life to a real kid’s life. Lots of kids don’t like being
trapped indoors, especially with their family.
I think even kids who do not like to read would like
this book. The one thing I would want to see under
the tree most this year would have to be some good
books. I am very disappointed in the kids who don’t
like to read. Books are for everyone! You just have to
find the right ones. I hope you will find this book very
interesting. I know I did.
(Editors Note….In the month of November, Kaitlyn O’Connor, a
Nashville Elementary 5th grade student, spent 16.1 hours reading
and has read a total of 43 books. She was the top performing reader
in the state of Arkansas for the month of November and was featured
in The Nashville News edition printed Dec. 3)

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