Montgomery County Quorum Court passes 2016 budget

    quorum court
    County Judge Sammy Jones follows along as County Clerk Debbie Baxter reads the ordinance for the 2016 county budget. Photo by Dewayne Holloway

    The 2016 budget and the creation of a new part time position in the assessor and collector’s office were among the ordinances past during this month’s Montgomery County Quorum Court meeting.
    The biggest order of business was held until the latter part of the meeting with the board approving an ordinance establishing the budget for calendar year 2016.
    The brunt of the appropriations were no surprise with the county general fund receiving $2,629,043.49 and the county road fund receiving $2,938,500.00.
    Other appropriations include: library ($89,242.50), 911 ($206,135.77), parks ($128,743.00), solid waste ($726,300.00), CRCF ($41,252.50), treasurer’s automated system ($20,700.00), indigent attorney ($7,263.00), child support fee ($1,500.00), DCCF ($10,635.00) and drug task force ($43,985.00).
    The budget passed unanimously with little discussion.
    JP Dan McCarter publicly commended the men and women and their families for the time and effort that went into the creation of the new budget.
    The JPs also voted to approve the creation of a new part time position within the county assessor and collector’s office.
    County Clerk Debbie Baxter explained that the position would split time between the assessor and collector as needed and would begin in 2016. She added that money for the salary was already figured into the 2016 budget.
    JP Barry Spivey asked how the hours would be distributed and asked it they would work enough hours between the two positions to end up a full time job.
    Baxter explained that as far as she knew they would work where needed. She couldn’t speak for the specific needs within the office, but felt that the new employee would work at least 24 hours per week most weeks. She added that they would qualify for benefits.
    The ordinance passed unanimously.
    The quorum court also passed a handful of housekeeping ordinances that were needed to balance amounts within a variety of funds before the end of the year.

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