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Scrappers, Outlaws head to the playoffs on Friday


Luke Reeder

This year the Nashville
area schools are fortunate
enough to have two
schools making it into
the playoffs in the Dierks
Outlaws and the Nashville
Scrappers. Both teams
have had good seasons
with the Dierks Outlaws
having six wins and four
losses overall and four
of those wins coming in
conference play while the
Nashville Scrappers have
no blemishes on their
record this season at a
perfect 10-0.
The Dierks Outlaws are
6-4 on the season making
it not the ideal season for
the Outlaws but they are
still able to make their
way into the playoffs.
The Outlaws are on a two
game win streak with their
most recent win coming
from a hard fought battle
at Murfreesboro. The Outlaws
were able to edge the
Rattlers 14-7 last Thursday.
With that win under
their belts, the squad from
Dierks is now tasked with
traveling to Conway to
face the Conway Christian
High School Eagles in the
first playoff game of the
Dierks has their work
cut out for them as they
face the Eagles who are almost
identical record wise
to the Outlaws. The Eagles
are 7-3 on the season, 6-1
in conference and riding a
four game win streak. The
Outlaws will have a battle
ahead of them on Friday
night as the game kicks
off at 7:00 p.m. in Conway.
For the hometown
Scrappers it has been
a hard fought road to
make it to 10-0 this season.
Nashville has played
many close games including
two games that were
decided by just one point.
Though the Scrappers
have had some close calls
this season the defense
has always came through
in the end and the running
game has been a rock
the offense could lean on
when the going got tough.
Nashville will be playing
their first postseason
game at home against
the Crossett High School
Eagles. The Eagles are 6-4
overall with a conference
record of just 3-4. But
even with the less than
.500 conference record
the Eagles have something
in common with the
Scrappers and that is their
quarterback John Welch.
Welch and Nashville quarterback
Leonard Snell
both have over 2,000 total
yards this season. Welch
has the majority of his
yards from passing while
Snell has kept it almost
half passing and rushing.
This means Friday’s battle
could come down to either
the arms or legs of
each team’s quarterback.
This season is also the
first season for the head
coach of Nashville. For
Mike Volarvich, his first
season has been great.
A perfect record and the
conference title in his first
season as head coach.
Yet he has stayed humble
about it saying throughout
the season that it is
good to get a win anytime
and we will prepare for
the upcoming game like it
is any other game. When
asked about the first playoff
game Volarvich said,
“We’re going to get in and
approach it like any other
game and get some film
on our opponent and see
what wee need to do.”
Last season the Scrappers
were able to make it
out of the first round of
the playoffs with a 49-32
win over Prairie Grove
but fell in the second
round against Dardanelle
35-19. This year the team
will look to improve on
their showing last year in
the postseason but with
Coach Volarvich at the
helm the team will only be
focused on the game that
is in front of them.
The Scrappers will kickoff
against Crossett Friday
night at 7 at home.