Pokin’ Fun by Doc Blakely

As Yogi Berra once said,
“You can hear a lot of things
just by listening.” I’ve noticed
that as well, maybe
even weller than Yogi.
I’ve noticed that when
you are talking to someone,
telling them your innermost
secret theories that are sure
to eradicate polio and secure
world peace and they are
looking over your shoulder
and saying, “Uh huh, yeah,
right” with that far away,
glazed look in their eye, that
they don’t care if molasses
futures goes to a dollar a sop.
They also are not listening to
your story. Of course things
are complicated enough
when you also forget where
you are going with your
own story. I did that once,
ok maybe on several occasions,
so I stopped in midsentence.
Embarrassed, I
stalled to remember where I
was going with the tale and
said, “I pause to ask myself a
question.” Somebody at the
next table, who WAS listening,
muttered loud enough
for me to hear, “And it’s a
danged dull answer you’ll
get.” The coffee shop crowd
thought that was hilarious.
I laughed right along with
them but was actually grateful
for the interruption because
I never did remember
where I was going with the
story. Just as well, nobody
asked me to finish the tale
anyway which proves my
point. If people appear to
not be listening to you they
probably aren’t or they are
very good actors and hope
their attempt at sincere inattentiveness
will bless them
with the sound of silence.
I was talking to a friend
who is a doctor. He had a
patient that came to him
for a physical. The doctor
is a great kidder. He told
me this anonymous client
was up in years and a little
worried about his future
on the planet. So to lighten
the experience he asked the
old guy if he smoked. The
client said he had never
smoked, chewed, and even
held his breath around barb-
q pits and diesel trucks.
Did he drink? Nope, he never
touched liquor of any kind
and wouldn’t even drink
hard water. Did he chase
wild women? No, he was
as pure as the driven snow.
The doctor asked what he
could do for him since he
appeared perfectly healthy.
The old guy said, “Give me
some pills or something so I
can live longer.” The doctor
said, “Why? Man, you gotta
GET a life before you can
extend one.”
I like the lighter side of life.
You see evidence of it if you
look and listen close enough.
A friend of mine showed me
a photo of a sign outside an
Irish Pub. It read, “Education
is important. Beer is importanter.”
A Mexican restaurant had
their own version. A little
sign on each table advertising
specials of the day read,
“Soup of the day…Tequila.”
Which brings me to the
song of the day to sum up
this epistle on the lighter
side of life, “We’re a Drinkin’
Town With a Football Problem.”
Humorist Doc Blakely
is a professional speaker/
from Wharton, Texas. He has
been Pokin’ Fun at himself
and life for 40 years.

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