Scrappers defeat Ashdown Panthers 37-18



    Luke Reeder-Sports Reporter

    Nashville Scrappers faced off
    against the only other undefeated
    team in their conference and
    longtime rivals the Ashdown
    Panthers. The Scrappers were
    able to prevail and improve to
    7-0 on the season after beating
    Ashdown 37-18.
    Nashville this season has not
    been the most prolific scoring
    team in the first quarter of the
    games they have played. Usually
    scoring only one touchdown
    in the first quarter the
    Scrappers were able to fire
    on all cylinders earlier against
    Ashdown. Not only was Nashville
    able to score 20 points in
    the opening quarter, they were
    also able to hold Ashdown to
    zero points. Darius Hopkins
    came through big for Nashville
    in the first quarter scoring all
    three touchdowns on a goal line
    run, a seven yard touchdown
    and a long 61 yard scamper for
    a score.
    Like in the first, the second
    quarter featured Nashville’s strong defensive presence.
    The Scrapper offense did
    slowdown in the second
    only managing one touchdown
    from a 19 yard pass to
    De’Ajeon Armstrong.
    But even though the
    Nashville offense was able
    to score once, the Nashville
    defense was able to keep the
    Panthers caged and only allowed
    them one touchdown
    in the entire first half of the
    At the half the Scrappers
    were able to go into the
    locker room with all of the
    momentum being up 27-6
    against the only other undefeated
    conference team
    in 7-4A.
    The second half of play
    greatly resembled the second
    quarter of the game with
    low scoring and a strong
    Scrapper defense.
    In the third quarter neither
    team scored an offensive
    For Nashville the only
    points that were scored were
    on a 32 yard Jose Hernandez
    field goal. But Ashdown was
    able to return the ensuing
    kickoff for a 95 yard touchdown
    but the Panthers failed
    the two point conversion. In
    the final quarter of play the
    Scrappers held a comfortable
    30-12 lead. Ashdown
    began driving the ball down
    the field and with six and a
    half minutes left in the game
    the Panthers were able to
    capitalize on their efforts on
    a one yard touchdown run
    but again they were unable
    to be successful on the two
    point conversion. This score
    made it a two score game at
    30-18. That was as close as
    the Panthers would come
    to coming back and the
    Scrappers put them away
    with the final score of the
    game coming on a four yard
    touchdown run from the first
    quarter star Hopkins.
    Nashville led Ashdown
    in all offensive categories. In
    the passing game, Nashville
    quarter back Leonard Snell
    was able to only complete
    9/21 passes but that equaled
    154 yards, one touchdown
    and zero interceptions while
    Ashdown’s quarterback had
    zero touchdowns and one
    interception. Hopkins led
    Nashville in rushing and in
    touchdowns. On 20 runs,
    Hopkins was able to muster
    141 yards, four touchdowns,
    and no fumbles.
    Behind Hopkins were Andrew
    Hawthorne and Trent
    Harris who on five and 11
    rushes were able to come
    up with 69 and 68 yards
    respectively. Ashdown’s
    leading rusher was only able
    to gain 28 yards. Armstrong
    led the team in the receiving
    category with only two
    catches for 90 yards.
    For the defense, linebacker
    Ashton Nelson helped
    hold the Panthers with a
    team high seven tackles and
    five assists and Billy Stewart
    kept the pressure on the
    quarterback and was able
    to come up with two sacks.
    This was a strong showing
    for the Scrappers and
    for first year coach Mike
    His offense has progressed
    since the beginning
    of the season and become
    a force to be reckoned with
    while the defense has stayed
    strong consistently.
    The first quarter of set
    the tone against Ashdown
    and is a performance Volarvich
    would like to replicate,
    “We talked about starting
    fast, we talked about starting
    fast every week and for
    one reason or another it
    hasn’t happened that way
    but they got fired up tonight
    and jumped on them early.”
    Volarvich is having a strong
    first season but he looks at
    the season one game at a
    time, “Anytime we can get a
    win is good and we just got
    to get healthy, have a good
    practice next week and get
    ready for another game.”
    Volarvich and the Scrappers
    will look to keep their
    record perfect next week at
    home against Mena in the
    homecoming game.

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