Scrappers battle it out with Fountain Lake, 13-12


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    NASHVILLE – Friday night
    the Nashville Scrapper football
    team became locked in
    an intense battle against the
    Fountain Lake Cobras. The
    Scrappers were able to prevail,
    13-12, after a hard fought
    second half of play.
    This season Fountain
    Lake has not relied heavily
    on their passing game, but
    early on in the first quarter
    the Cobras took to the air
    for the opening score. With
    7:22 left in the first quarter,
    Fountain Lake was able to
    beat the Scraper secondary
    for a 95 yard touchdown
    pass bringing the score to 7-0
    early in the game. Nashville
    was able to answer with
    their own score with four
    and a half minutes left in
    the quarter as running back
    Darius Hopkins was able to
    find the endzone after a nine
    yard run. Yet after the touchdown
    the Scrappers still
    remained down by one point
    because of a missed point
    after attempt. With less than
    a minute left in the opening
    quarter Fountain had driven
    the ball and made it to fourth
    and goal. Nashville’s defense
    then held strong and
    stopped the Cobras from
    scoring with seconds left
    Scrappers battle it out with Fountain Lake,13-12
    on the clock. Then just as
    it seemed Nashville would
    go into the second quarter
    only down by one, they got
    the ball after the turnover on
    downs but then the Cobras
    got ahold of quarter back
    Leonard Snell for a safety as
    the time in the first quarter
    expired. This brought the
    score to 9-6 lead for Fountain
    Lake going into the second
    In the second quarter it
    took almost seven minutes
    for either offense to start
    clicking on the same page.
    With 5:06 left to play in the
    half, running back Trent
    Harris broke free for a 23
    yard touchdown run for
    the Scrappers and after a
    made point after attempt,
    the Scrappers were able to
    secure their first lead of the
    game at 13-9. The Nashville
    defense was able to stop the
    Fountain Lake offense for
    the majority of the second
    quarter including a drive
    as the quarter expired. The
    Scrapper defense was able to
    stop the Cobras from scoring
    a touchdown before the half
    and instead held them to a field goal. At the half
    Nashville retained a one
    point lead that would also
    end up being the final score
    of the game.
    In the second half neither
    offense was able to
    get on the same page and
    this caused frustration for
    both sides as each team suffered
    an ejection because of
    unsportsmanlike conduct.
    The Scrapper defense kept
    the game alive for Nashville.
    With seven tackles and five
    assists on tackles plus a recovered
    fumble, player Ashton
    Nelson led the defense
    in tackles. Terrell Grundy
    and Billy Stewart also played
    pivotal roles as Grundy was
    able to also have seven tackles
    and two sacks, and Stewart
    managed three tackles,
    four assists and three sacks.
    On the night Snell was
    8/17 passing for 57 yards,
    Trey Hughes was the only
    receiver with positive yards
    with seven catches for 63
    yards. Hopkins led the team
    in rushing with 79 yards on
    17 attempts and one touchdown
    followed by Snell with
    55 rushing yards on 16 attempts
    and Harris with 53
    yards on four attempts and
    a touchdown.
    After the game head
    coach Mike Volarvich expressed
    that he knew this
    was not going to be an easy
    game to win, “We knew this
    was going to be a four quarter
    game. They (Fountain
    Lake) have a great team
    and a great coaching staff
    and they brought their ‘A’
    game tonight.” Volarvich
    went on to say about the
    scoreless second half that
    Fountain Lake had a really
    good defense and that they
    were unable to get anything
    going on offense. But that
    our defense also stepped up
    and made big plays. When
    asked about the stray from
    running the ball early Volarvich
    said it was due to their
    defense and that they do
    not go into a game planning
    to just run, “they played us
    a little differently than other
    teams played us in the past,
    but we don’t go into games
    saying hey we’re going to
    run this guy or that guy, we
    take what the defense gives
    us and all the credit to them
    because they were able to
    shut us down.”
    The Scrappers move on
    in conference play as they
    travel to Waldron on Friday.

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