Scrapper Tennis teams competes in 4A state tournament


    Sports Reporter
    JONESBORO – Earlier this
    week the Nashville Scrapper
    Tennis Team took the
    state tournament qualifiers to
    Jonesboro to compete in the
    4A State Tournament. Qualifiers
    included all three doubles
    teams from Nashville made
    up of the two girl teams of
    Alexus White and Leslie Lingo
    and Brittany Backus and
    Olivia Herzog and the only
    boy doubles team of Glenn
    Hartness and Zack Backus.
    For the two girl’s teams
    the tournament ended earlier
    than expected when both
    teams lost their first round
    matches. For the team of
    Backus and Herzog their first
    match was against a team
    from Monticello. Backus and
    Herzog lost the first set 3-6
    but in the second set it was
    a close battle with the final
    score being in favor of Monticello
    7-6. For Lingo and White
    the first game was against a
    team from Southside. Lingo
    and White gave it their all but
    lost in two sets 3-6, 2-6.
    On the boy’s side the team
    of Hartness and Zack Backus
    were able to make history.
    Though their run in the state
    tournament ended quicker
    than they would like, they
    were able to make it to the
    semifinals and finish an impressive
    fourth place overall.
    This made them the highest
    finishing guy doubles team
    Nashville has ever had. The
    duo started their tournament
    with easy victories in the first
    and quarterfinals round. In
    the semifinals Hartness and
    Zack Backus lost in two sets
    and were sent to battle it out
    for a third place finish. In the
    third place match they lost
    the first set 3-6 but in the second
    set won by a wide margin
    6-1. This brought the game
    to the final set and the duo
    from Nashville were unable to
    prevail and ended their tournament
    with fourth place and
    a reason to brag since it was
    Zack Backus’ first year playing
    the sport competitively.
    Tennis Coach Damon Williams
    said the teams had
    a great year and he looks
    forward to seeing what his
    teams can do in the next
    season, “I thought we had a
    great year. State Tournament wise my doubles boys
    Glenn Hartness and Zack
    Backus finished fourth overall
    and made it to the semifinals
    and played extremely
    well. The girls kind of got off
    to a bad start both teams and
    could never get out of the
    hole. Overall we had a great
    year and I was pleased with
    everything that they did and
    am now looking forward to
    next year.”