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Price hired as new High School Counselor


The South Pike School Board Meeting was held October 13, 2015 on the Delight Campus Steve Conly called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm and the group was led in prayer by Trent Cox. Those in attendance were Steve Conly, Joe House, Trent Cox, Angie Fabian, Jeramy Humphrey, new member Scott Maroon and Superintendent Roger Featherston. Alan Walls was absent. Guests were Tanya Wilcher, Kathleen Cole and Danny Eckert.
The minutes of the September 8, 2015 meeting and the financial statement were approved by acclimation.
The Superintendent’s Report was given under the yearly Report to the Public.
The first order of business under New Business was Election of Officers. After a brief discussion, Trent Cox made a motion and Joe House seconded with all approving to keep the current officers in the positions they currently have. Alan Walls, President, Steve Conly, Vice-Pres. and Angie Fabian Secretary and Dispersing Officer.
Mr. Featherston read his yearly report to the public, as well as the curriculum report by Melissa Jones. Elementary principal Mrs. Tanya Wilcher and high school principal Ms. Kathleen Cole went through their reports as well. The highlights of these reports were the total enrollment and the use of the one – one initiative as well as the development of leadership teams within the faculty. These reports are published in this week’s paper in their entirety.
Tennis Court Donation – the county has received a grant written by Mark Wiley on their behalf to resurface the tennis courts located by the old hospital. This is a matching grant. The grant amount is $15,000, so the matching amount will have to be $15,000.00. He currently has collected $12,000 towards the match. Mr. Featherston made the recommendation for the school district to donate $3000.00 for this match fund, since the tennis courts are used predominately by students. Scott Maroon made the motion and Joe House seconded and the motion passed.
Gym court renovation. The request was for the funds to come out of the building fund. Athletics will be setting money aside for this year and the next two years to help fund this. It just needs to be paid for now, so it will be paid out of the building fund. The floor will be stripped down the bare wood and re-stained and then recoated. Joe House made the motion and Angie Fabian seconded motion passed.
On the subject of maintenance Mr. Featherston had a bid on treating and cleaning the outside of the activity room building to remove the mold and discoloration.
The yearly Arkansas Consolidated School improvement Plan ACSIP was also presented to the board for review and approval. This report notifies the board how the school is using the funds from the various programs such as Title I, II-A, ALE, ELL, NSLA PD and Title VI and that these funds are being used appropriately and legally.
The board then went into executive session to review the consideration of employee resignation and hiring. When the board returned from executive session a letter of resignation as High School Principal and bus driver from Terrell Davis was read and accepted with a motion by Steve Conly, seconded by Trent Cox and the motion passed.
Then a recommendation was made to hire Deena Price as the High School Counselor. The motion was made by Angie Fabian, seconded by Joe House and passed.

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