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Delight City Council discusses food trailer ordinance


The Delight City Council meeting was called to order at 6:57 pm in the Delight Library. Those in attendance were Mayor Paul Lane, and Council members Chris Goodson, Tom Wilson, Ronnie Cox, Randy Abbott, Keith Woods and Treasurer/Clerk Brent Alexander. Guests were Carolyn Bailey owner of Nana’s Thrift Store and Tracy and Rex Watts.
Carolyn Bailey was first on the agenda. She said she had been told that there was an ordinance that she could not have her food trailer where it is located. After expressing her concern and disagreement with the council she said that if that was the case, that they would have to get a court order to make her move it.
The council responded very respectfully that they understood her position, but safety for the community had been their whole motive and how could they help her move the trailer to the location on Railroad St. that they had approved? After a certain amount of discussion it was determined that she needed a water and electric hookup. The city will provide the hookup and she will pay the electricity usage and water which includes the $475 hook up fee. Her children Tracy & Rex Watts were in attendance also and will assist her with this.
Next on the agenda was the review and approval of the September meeting minutes, a motion was made by Abbott and seconded by Wilson. An update on things covered last month, the State Survey crew had been in Delight last week and surveyed from West Cherry St all the way down to the Methodist church on East Antioch Street. They will take this information and pass it on to the State Hydrologist office, who will then formulate a plan on what the city needs to do to control the water in this area when heavy rainfall occurs. It was also noted that all the work done in the Park funded by the Department of Parks and Tourism Outdoor Recreation Fun Grant, has been paid for.
The City transactions were reviewed and approved with a motion by Goodson and seconded by Abbott. The Water transactions were also approved with a motion by Abbott and seconded by Goodson. This month the city made over $5000 in the water dept.
Mayor Lane brought up that he and Mr. Goodson had spoken to Superintendent Featherston recently in regards to the length of time that it was taking to get the response back on the school buildings in Delight, from the school`s attorney. Mr. Featherston told them to move in and use the buildings. After discussion Mr. Cox made the recommendation to move into the buildings, particularly the Agri-I building that the city water dept. is wanting to use for the storage of all their equipment, but not to make any changes or improvements until the final paperwork is complete and returned form the South Pike County School District. Delight wants to especially put the backhoe and track hoe inside, now that it is getting closer to winter. However, they feel that the building is large enough to hold every piece of equipment the City of Delight owns and then some. The RCA has already been in possession of the Pickett Building and there are six businesses and or organizations currently utilizing that facility. There is a Fitness center, an Art Teacher is conducting Art Classes, Henderson Printing, the Girl Scouts, and two other businesses.
There is a huge tree next to one of the school buildings that is dead and the council instructed Mr. Lane to check on the cost of having that tree removed.
On a final note Joanne Humphrey has requested a sign posted “Slow, Children Playing”. Mr. Lane will look into the purchase of the sign.

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