NHS Homecoming parade moved to Oct. 21st


    NASHVILLE – The annual
    high school homecoming
    parade will be held next
    Wednesday, a school official
    Nashville Superintendent
    Doug Graham confirmed that
    the 2015 Homecoming Parade
    will be held Wed., Oct. 21 at 5
    p.m. “We’ll have everybody
    ready to go to church by 5:30
    p.m.,” he added. Graham
    explained that the reason for
    the move was because “in the
    last several years the homecoming
    parade has been
    held on a Tuesday evening
    and we have Parent/Teacher
    conferences [that night]”
    and several of the maids are
    on the tennis team – which
    has now qualified for a state
    tournament in Jonesboro.
    The tournament will be held
    on Monday and Tuesday.
    “Wednesday was the only
    time that there was a window
    of time that everybody in
    royalty, football, and band”
    could participate. He added
    that there was a conflict on
    every other night. “It’s no
    secret that one of the [Homecoming]
    Maids is fighting a
    serious cancer and receiving
    chemo therapy. Trying to be
    understanding to her schedule
    played a part. “Wednesday
    was the only window of
    time that would best serve all
    involved. Next year, we can go
    back to Tuesday.”
    The Nashville School District
    also issued a statement
    regarding prayer at the next
    game. On Friday, The Scrappers
    will host Ashdown in a regular conference
    game. The Ashdown School
    District recently received
    a letter from the Freedom
    from Religion Foundation
    of Madison, Wi., challenging
    the prayers before the
    school’s football games as
    a violation of student’s First
    Amendment rights.
    The NSD statement read,
    “We will have our normal
    Scrapper pre-game this Friday
    night. The pre-game
    activities will include a
    student led prayer along
    with the National Anthem
    and alma maters from both
    schools. At the end of all of
    our games, our team circles
    up and has a prayer led by
    one of our players. We invite
    the Ashdown football team,
    cheerleaders, and any fans
    to join us during this time.
    Good luck to both teams.”
    “Obviously, anyone that
    has attended a Scrapper
    football game knows that
    we have prayed before and
    after every contest, so, I am
    not sure why that has been
    such a point of contention,”
    Graham explained.
    “We have been in contact
    with the Ashdown Administration
    and invited their
    football team, cheerleaders
    and fans to join us in prayer
    led by one of our football
    players after the contest as
    usual,” he ended

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