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COC to host Christmas Tree Decorating Contest


This year the Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Christmas Tree Decorating Contest. Every business in town will have the opportunity to purchase a tree for $25 from the COC to decorate the Courthouse Square with. (All trees will be uniform.) Once the tree has been purchased the business can choose to decorate the tree or sponsor a group to decorate the tree. (Examples: church, civic, school, athletic, CADC Senior Centers/Nursing Homes, etc.) There is no theme for decoration, but the trees will be expected to be decorated so that they will be equally as pretty at night as during the day. Electricity will be provided for the trees. The trees must be put up no later than November 21. The COC will provide appropriate signs to go in front of the trees when they are displayed that will list the name of the business that has provided the tree and will include the name of the group decorating the tree (if different than the sponsor). The trees will be judged by a panel chosen by the Chamber Board of Directors on December 5(the day of the Christmas Parade). First, second and third place prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Business, Civic, Church and School. To register contact Carolyn Cox at the Murfreesboro Mayor’s office 870-285-3732 or Jane Fugitt at the Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce 870-285-3131.