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Water scam hits Murfreesboro


MURFREESBORO—The Murfreesboro Police Department and the Murfreesboro Water and Sewer Department would like to alert the public to a water scam that has been reported in the area.
On July 28 Cash Saver Manager Tim Allen received a phone call from 870-345-4095. The individual told Allen that they were with the water department and that his bank draft had not cleared. They went on to say that if the bill was not paid within 15-minutes the water would be shut off.
Allen contacted local authorities and it was determined that this was a new scam being used in the area. Murfreesboro Police Chief Randy Lamb spoke with Murfreesboro Water Superintendent Randy Miller and Miller said that the water department does not make a phone call to notify citizens before water services are shut off. Miller said that he had heard of this being an ongoing scam and it seems it has made its way to Murfreesboro.
Never give anyone your credit card or bank account information over the phone unless you know for sure who you are speaking with.