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Mount Ida Veteran’s Resource Day set for Sept. 3


Glenwood Herald Editor
veterans job dayMOUNT IDA – Veterans with questions or in need will be offered a more local solution.
A veteran’s resource day will be held at the Emergency Management Conference Center in Mount Ida on September 3 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. The conference center is located at 117 Ray Drive.
The resource will be conducted by Stephen L. Ezelle, a specialist in the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program with Arkansas Workforce Centers’ Hot Springs Office.
The resource can broach topics including, but not limited to, employment opportunities, employment counseling, GI Bill, VA Health Network and DAV Transportation.
“My whole idea for the resource day is to get the local veterans to come in – especially those without the means to go to Hot Springs – that can come here to the resource day and come see me about what their needs are,” said Ezelle. “Whether its job services, resume writing, interviewing questions, or even if it’s a VA problem at the medical center or at Fort Roots (Little Rock), I would be happy to talk with them.”
The event is open to all veterans, active and inactive military and military spouses.
“Everything is in confidentiality, and I will preserve that confidentiality with everybody that I talk to, whether it’s about PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), sniper syndrome, as well as other that come up, and see what I can do to help them out,” said Ezelle.
“I don’t have a problem making phone calls for them … I will do everything in my power to help them with any issue, and if I haven’t got the answer for them, I will find that answer.”
However, Ezelle does warn that he can do nothing with questions about unemployment claims.
“That’s a whole set of parameters that’s on a different database, I don’t have access to that database, this is strictly veteran’s issues that I will be addressing. I wish I could help them get unemployment, but I can help them find and get jobs.”
It is requested that all attendees bring their DD214, resume or other military documentation.
“It’s a great time for veterans to come by and see me,” said Ezelle, stating that he hoped to make the satellite event a regular occurrence. “If I help one person that day, I’ve done my job. This way veterans have the opportunity to come see someone from our office face to face and not rely on just a phone call. I want myself accessible to everybody – not just for those that travel from Mount Ida and Montgmery County to Hot Springs – to make it good for everybody.”
Ezelle also stated that he hoped to continue resource days in Murfreesboro and Glenwood as well, under the same concept.
“This is kind of like a trial run,” quipped Ezelle. “I think Mount Ida is a good location because there is a strong base of veterans in this area – young and old – and I do get quite a few vets from here In my office [in Hot Springs] and they end up spending five minutes there, and that doesn’t justify all the gas they spend coming up there, and I don’t want them to ever feel like it was a wasted trip, so I’m going to come to them … I’m all for them. I’m going to protect them and do what I can to help my vets get on the right track.”
For more information, Ezelle can be reached by phone at (501) 701-1616, fax (501) 525-3944 or by e-mail at stephen.ezelle@arkansas.gov.
More on the Arkansas Workforce Centers can be found at www.arjoblink.com.

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