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2 teens arrested for Murfreesboro break-ins


Two arrests were made and charges have been filed against two Murfreesboro teens who were allegedly involved in break-ins last week, according to Murfreesboro Police Chief Randy Lamb.

Lamb said Michael Tyler Sullivan, 18, and a 17-year-old have been arrested and are both facing a felony charges of residential burglary and breaking or entering and  misdemeanor theft of property charges.

The Murfreesboro Police Department received a call on July 29 from Effie Featherston, who said her car and her son’s car had been broken into overnight on Worrel Street. The break-in was discovered the next morning when Featherston noticed her car had been gone through and a silver flashlight had been left in the car.

A check at her deceased sister’s home across the street revealed that home had been entered and a television was missing. The home belonged to the late Jean Pollock and her grandson was later called to the scene to assist. Chief Lamb determined entrance had been gained by breaking a back window.

The grandson, John Pollock, later reported to police he had found evidence near the scene, which included a pair of blue latex gloves and a “trail of stolen items” that had been dropped all the way across a nearby cow pasture owned by Marvin and Sheila Terrell.

Later that same day, the police received information that someone had allegedly seen Sullivan and the minor carrying a flat-screen television and a bag full of items into an apartment rented by Nicole and Ryan Stinson. Stinson later told police he and his family had been asleep when the teens entered the apartment and that it was when he woke up that he found the television and other items in the living room floor.

Both teens were interviewed by the Chief Lamb, the minor with his mother and Sullivan with his great-grandmother.

Sullivan immediately requested an attorney and the interview was stopped, but he returned later that same day with his great-grandmother. The teen again asked for an attorney and the interview was again stopped. He then changed his mind but Chief Lamb refused to question him. Sullivan and the great-grandmother protested and stated the teen did want to tell what had happened and Lamb agreed to let him tell what happened but stated he would not be asking any questions.

Sullivan then allegedly confessed that he and the minor had committed the crimes and that they “were both messed up on an over the counter medication called triple c’s.”

Both subjects had their bonds set at $25,000. The charges were filed Thursday against Sullivan and the minor.

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