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Staff shakeup, new inclement weather bus route approved by Dierks school board



DIERKS – At the July Dierks school board meeting, members approved the hire of Carla Hawthorne as full time custodian and Frankie Stamps as part time custodian.
Along with the approval of new hires, the board also approved an inclement weather bus route system. With the collaboration of EAST lab students, a map of alternate stops was created. The stops are all on paved roads and will not include secondary roads.
In the event of non-severe inclement weather, this bus route will be operated and parents will transport their students to the stop nearest their home if possible and safe. The board has high hopes that this alternate route will minimize the amount of school days missed due to snow.
For the 2015-2016 school year, changes have been approved for the high school and elementary handbooks.
Regarding the changes for high school, an additional disciplinary measure has been added for noon detention repeaters. Afternoon detention will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 3:15-4:15 and transportation home from the stay must be provided by the student or the guardian/parent of the student.
The previous absence policy for high schoolers was a loss in credit after four unexcused absences. The board approved the change of four unexcused absences to six unexcused absences before class credit is lost.
The board also approved an addition of a computer science class that can count as a business, math, or science credit for students.
Regarding changes for the elementary handbook, the school bus conduct contract has been removed and administrators will handle bus discipline issues on a situational basis.
The attendance policy at the elementary has been changed to allow six unexcused and six excused absences per semester. In order for a missed day to be considered excused, a letter from a parent/guardian must be presented to the office within five days of the missed day. After five days, the absence will automatically be considered unexcused.
Concerning dress code policies, racer back tank tops will no longer be allowed at the elementary school.
Along with the changes to the handbook policies, the board approved the upcoming election of school board members to be conducted through absentee ballot and early voting only. There are no opposed runners.
The board approved the purchase of a 2012 Chevrolet Impala from Gentry Chevrolet for driver’s education and staff use. The cost of the vehicle will be $11,900.
A milk bid from Highland Dairy was approved as well as a bread bid from Flowers Baking Company in Tyler, Texas.
Relating to the electric sign proposed in last month’s board meeting, communications between the school and SWEPCO as well as Mayor Terry Mounts are currently underway.
A thank you letter from Crystal Smith was read regarding the success of the ACT school. Seventeen students participated, scoring an average of 18 at the beginning of the school and a 23.5 at the end of the school.

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