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Glenwood Senior Center News

By Mike Prince


Sundays paper always features couple’s 50th Golden Wedding anniversaries all dresses up and smiling; happily married. Some young girls think the world comes to an end if they don’t get married, so they hurriedly rush into a relationship without proper reasoning of matrimony and their world does not come to an end. Be wise, don’t compromise.
Returning war veterans from Iraq & Syria (ISIS) are welcomed home by Americans as heros they should be. This one soldier just getting home received awards from his commanding officer for a tour of duty in enemy territory. His body exhibited bruises, a black eye, swollen lip and bandaged arm. The superior officer congratulated him for his gallant effort in defending his country and remarked that how you’re back on American soil where your wounds and afflictions can heal while recuperating in a safe, friendly guarded atmosphere and surroundings. The young recruit remarked, “but sir, these are not battle scars from war, my wife inflicted these infirmities upon me from a domestic argument. Please let me re-enlist quickly for another tour of duty anywhere.” Chances are this marriage will never participate in a 50th anniversary, however some marriage relationships are based on this activity, their happiness comes from making up.
Never marry for money. This one guy bought his girlfriend an engagement ring, stealing her heart with such an impressive gesture of true love & loyalty. Later on his fiancé asked for the box the ring came in. He sadly confessed he threw it away and no longer had it. “Why would you do that?” she asked. “Well, after I ate all the Cracker Jacks, I didn’t think you needed it.”
Cooking makes for a congenial arrangement for a stable marriage but occasionally take your wife for dining out. Bring her to senior citizens center that you both will relish.
This week’s menu ($3 donation):
Tuesday – Broccoli & cheese soup, tuna salad wrap, carrot/celery sticks, fruit parfait.
Wednesday – Grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, hominy salad, corn muffin, ice cream/fruit.
Thursday (breakfast only; no lunch) – Orange juice, scrambled eggs, bacon strip, fresh oranges, biscuit with gravy.
Become eligible for end of month door prizes & $50 drawing by having lunch and just be present for drawings. Merle Eds will happily verify that these $50 drawings make for a great day, being last week’s recipient.
Times have changed in raising kids. Ask some of our grandmothers nowadays about remembering reading stories to their children while they listened intensely resting comfortable in their mother’s lap. Not so anymore, grandchildren these days demand a laptop and not to be disturbed.
Activities for this week:
Tuesday, 28th – Yoga 9:00, Council meeting 12:30
Wednesday, 29th – Move with Balance 9-9:45 a.m., Bingo 10:00 a.m.
Thursday, 30th – Breakfast only 8:00-9:00. End of Month Door Prizes.
While on our premises, visit our Helping Hand Store outlet, you’ll be glad you did and so will they. Everyone becomes satisfied.
Go BBB Travelers!

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