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Meet the McGrews, the 2015 Montgomery County Farm Family of the Year


farm family pjDEWAYNE HOLLOWAY
GLENWOOD – Steven McGrew and his family have roots that run deep in the cattle business from start to finish and looks to continue for years to come as the next generation prepares for the future as well.
Steven, his wife Beth, their daughters SarahBeth, age 8, and Brooklyn Clare, age 6, and son Kashton Ray, age 2, spend their days working with cattle in the field and at the sale barn. Their knowledge and dedication to the cattle business has led Farm Bureau of Arkansas to name them the 2015 Farm Bureau Farm Family of the Year for Montgomery County.
Steven is the fourth generation from the McGrew family to work at the family owned Livestock auction facility located in Glenwood and expects his children to carry on the tradition as they grow older.
He joked that Kashton was practically born at the sale barn.
“He wasn’t actually born at there, but he was born on sale day.” Steven quipped.
The livestock auction facility has been in his family for decades with he and his father, Danny McGrew, having over 40 years experience in the field.
Cattle farmers from far and wide converge at Cattlemen’s Livestock Yard in Glenwood every Thursday with the sale starting at 12 p.m. each week.
Steven reminisced about growing up at the sale barn in Glenwood, working with his father and grandfather, Billy McGrew.
They run several hundred head of cattle through their business each week with last week’s sale seeing 716 head of cattle sold.
The sale barn employs around 20 people. It is located just off Highway 71 in Glenwood with the weekly sale bringing a host of people into town each week.
Steven and his wife Beth both work at Cattlemen’s Livestock as do many of their family members. Beth, a native of Battiest, Okla., can be seen doing a variety of jobs on Wednesday and Thursday as they get ready for the sales.
The McGrews also raise their own cattle. Steven stated that they own and lease 320 acres in the southern part of Montgomery County.
They mainly raise commercial cattle and in the winter they will purchase some yearlings. He stated that they try to keep around 55-80 head of cattle on their farm.
When asked why they raise cattle Steven simply replied, “Farming is what we do.”
It is easy to see that the McGrews are grounded in the rural way of life that so many enjoy in Montgomery County and Southwest Arkansas.
Their daughters, SarahBeth and Brooklyn Claire, both attend Glenwood Christian School. Their mother was quick to point out that they didn’t have anything against the local schools. Steven is a graduate of Centerpoint High School. She added that she like the Christian atmosphere at the school and felt it was the best fit for their children.
The McGrews are thankful for what they have been blessed with in life and are thankful for the opportunity to represent Montgomery County as the newest Farm Bureau Farm Family of the Year.

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