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Council employs alderman at city park



DIERKS – A stated need for more assistance at the city’s park prompted the Dierks city council to quickly create a temporary part-time position and fill it with one of their number.
City crews, busy with other work, have been unable to keep up with daily maintenance issues like trimming grass, Mayor Terry Mounts reported to council members during their regular monthly meeting Monday evening. According to the mayor, he had been asked if council member James Sebren could be temporarily added as a city employee to provide assistance at the park while city workers were busy elsewhere.
The council quickly entered an eight minute executive session, after which they created the temporary position, to work 25 hours per week for six months at a rate of $9.25 per hour, and then unanimously voted to hire Sebren.
A second major item before the council was the sale of one of the city’s former police vehicles. The city had advertised the 2009 Dodge Charger had been advertised for sale for $7,500 or best offer, Mounts reported, but had received no bids or inquiries from the public. He did report that he had been approached by the Mineral Springs school district, which had offered $4,500 for the vehicle. Mounts stated that he expected that the school board, meeting at the same time as the city council, would finalize the offer that night. Council members voted to accept $4,500 for the vehicle if the school board approved the measure.
The council then moved to take the expected monies from that sale, as well as the majority of the funds set aside in an account collected from court fees, to make a $17,500 payment toward the pickup truck the police department had acquired earlier in the year.
Also heard during the meeting were:
• A report from the city’s fire chief that the department has received new radios. He also mentioned that the department was concerned about the increased risk of brush fires as temperatures rise and conditions become drier.
• Council member John Sharp noted that there had been far fewer pressure-caused breakages in the water system since the installation of a pressure regulator on the north side of town last month.