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Some trips just not meant to be made


Bonnerdale News by Karroll Morphew


Happy birthday to Eathen Melton, June 4, Gladys Allen and Savannah Porter, June 8.

Happy anniversary to our son and his wife, Jonathan and Rhonda Morphew, June 6, and Danny and Becky Hodges, June 10.

Well, I have fairly often said that we make plans only to get to change them. Grandson Thomas Lee’s graduation from high school in Diboll, Texas, was Friday night. I had looked forward to that for some months and we planned to attend. With all the rain and flooding that has taken place in Texas, the graduation ceremony was changed from the stadium to the school gym. The gym is small so with 100 graduates, they were limited to six seats each for their families. That didn’t any more than get Thomas’ family started. Jonathan and Rhonda were planning to attend, as well as us, then his other grandparents, and his parents Bobby and Nancy, plus Emily’s family. So, we and Jonathan and Rhonda, who also wanted badly to attend, decided to stay in Kentucky and Arkansas. Don’t you know that after it was too late for the four of us to get there, the sky cleared and the sun came out – and graduation was held outside after all! I guess some trips are just not meant to be made.

Since school is now out for the summer, families can travel, visit, and enjoy each other. We are hoping that we will have visitors from various places. Once the children get old enough to be involved in school activities, time to visit grandparents is limited, but we enjoy them when they do get here.

Rain, rain, rain – we have had it this month. I recorded a total of 14.22 inches for the month of May. It reminds me of the old poem that we were required to memorize when in high school – The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink”. Well we had plenty to drink and a lot more. The rivers are running over and the lakes are filling up. There should be no shortage of water for the rural water systems across the country.

A concern that I have though is for our neighbors who live just north of us. Jim keeps a close check on them and from his reports they have moved away to parts unknown. The beaver family has been one of the hardest working neighbors that I can remember. Sometimes though, their excessive work has caused problems. For instance, when they build a dam that stops up the culverts under the county road. I’ll say this though, the Montgomery County road maintenance crew have done a good job of staying on top of this. They have cleaned the culverts and restored the road bed to where it used to be.

Shortly after this road work was finished, I noticed that the beaver family had moved. They must have finally met their match, because all work has stopped on the dam building project. I have come to the conclusion that a beaver is no match for a caterpillar (road grader). They have apparently moved on to a better dam building site.

A thought for the week worth considering: “Your actions are so loud I can’t hear a word you are saying.” See you next week.

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