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Let Go and Let God


“Better to have waited , then wasted”

      When you are 31 and not married conversations that used to be “oh, no worries you

have   plenty of time. God has a plan. ” turn to “oh being single isn’t so bad, God knows

what he’s doing. ” it’s hard to constantly pray for something that may or may not happen.

In truth though, as much as I hate to say it , it really is all in his plan and timing. I’ve

asked myself and asked God what am I doing wrong, why doesn’t anyone want to be with

me, want to start a life with me? I finally calmed my heart and asked God one more time.

His response, my heart wasn’t ready. Huh? My heart not ready, kidding me right? I’ve

wanted to find the one forever, get married and maybe even have more kids, how is that

possible. One day it hit me like a brick wall, literally I ran into the wall.

      My heart is not ready! My heart is hurt, and has been through a lot! My heart isn’t healed

and isn’t focused on God. Ladies and gentlemen until God is your main focus, nothing

good will last. How do I know? I don’t share this a lot, but feel I should. I was engaged

once, I so thought I wanted the engagement to turn into a marriage. I did my best and he

did his. In the end we weren’t meant to be. The dress was perfect, the flowers were

beautiful and the song choice was amazing, for a long time I didn’t understand and I

thought I needed this, my daughter needs this. God says” Not this”. If that engagement

had changed into marriage all those details would have been wasted. One day someone

will come to me and those details will be used at the right time.

Max Luchado once said, “Ladies focus so much on God that the man interested in you has to seek God to find you.” Another quote I love is , “Men, be so focused on God that you only look up when he says that’s her.” author unknown. Let go and let God