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Courthouse staff to get security upgrade



NASHVILLE – Offices in the Howard County Courthouse and peripheral locations related to proceedings in the county’s courts will receive increased security courtesy of an $11,371 grant.
Circuit Clerk Angie Lewis announced Monday that the county received the funds to upgrade its WAVE Plus security system, expanding its capabilities to notify all county and court employees via text or email whenever a panic button is used at any of the offices. The money will also be used to double the number of panic buttons, providing two in each office for a total of 30.
“It’s an impressive system,” Lewis said, explaining that a representative from the Irving, Texas company that produces the devices had made a presentation to her regarding its finer points last year. “He said it had the capability to do these things but you had to upgrade it.”
Lewis said she applied for the grant with the Administrative Office of Courts May 1, requesting the full amount to fund the upgrades, and that her application was one of 19 selected by the group.
Although there is no clear timeframe for installation of the new equipment, Lewis said she hopes to have the system upgrades operational by the end of July.