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Two arrested after fist fight


handcuffsNASHVILLE – A very public altercation led to the arrest of two local men Tuesday afternoon.

According to police records, a report of a fight in the parking lot of the Walmart in Nashville was received around 3 p.m. on May 12. Deputy Dustin Wakefield with the Howard County Sheriff’s department was nearby, and arrived within moments to allegedly find Stephen Foster, 40, of Nashville, holding Michael Harris, 53, also of Nashville, in a headlock. Wakefield reported that Foster seemed mainly to be restraining Harris, and that when he ordered Foster to release Harris he did so, but Harris continued to struggle against Foster. After physically restraining Harris, Wakefield reportedly detained the pair until Nashville city officer Jackie Thomas arrived.
Thomas’s report states that Harris claimed to have been leaving the store when he heard his name called, noticed Foster approaching and that Foster attacked him. In the same report was Foster’s statement that Harris had threatened him on multiple occasions. Thomas also noted the odor of alcohol on Harris.
The two were briefly booked into the Howard County jail, and ticketed. Harris was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication, while Foster was charged only with disorderly conduct.

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