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The battle with the beaver continues


Bonnerdale News

By Karroll Morphew

Happy birthday to Marcus Daniels, May 28, Lois Wright, May 30, Steve Reppo, May 31, and Matthew Baker, June 1.

Happy anniversary to our eldest grandson and his wife, Matthew and Sarah Reed, June 2.

I have said much and written a lot about how much rain we have had this spring. Here at our house we have recorded over 10 inches just in the month of May, which I thought was a lot. Daughter Emily, who lives in Lufkin, TX, said they have had 10 inches between Monday and Thursday night. They have all kinds of flooding there, so I guess we are not so bad off after all.

Sooner or later our rain will cease and we can re-plant the garden, all except the potatoes which have done well in spite of cool nights and wet ground.

And the battles goes on – between Jim and the beaver. Every two or three days Jim tears out the little dams which are built near the mouth of the culverts on the county road. The next day there is proof that the beaver has been at work all night. That is not even considering what he has worked on at the pond levee site. With the culverts blocked, the road stays in a poor condition from the water flowing over the road. I don’t know what the end of this story will be as only time will tell.

The Mobil pipe line crosses our property. In fact, it comes quite close to our house. I am wondering if anyone else whose property the pipe line crosses has had the problem we have had.

On rare occasions people on horseback come riding across our property even though it has purple paint marking the land lines. When Jim has confronted them, they come up with the excuse, “This is the pipe line”. They supposedly reason that the pipe line is free use to anybody who wants to ride on it or whatever. They don’t seem to want to understand that the pipe line is under our property, but it is still private property.

So I was wondering if this situation has happened to any other land owners.

A sobering thought for the week if you are a burglar: “This business is guarded by a shotgun three nights a week. You guess which three!” See you next week.

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