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Reader concerned about anti-Semitism


Dear Editor,
I am a concerned citizen about the current racism aimed at Jewish people.
What is racism, anyway? The “Webster’s New World Dictionary” gives the definition as “the practice of racial discrimination.”
I think all the racist terms should be eradicated from our vocabulary when used in a derogatory way against our neighbors, for that is definitely racism.
Racial discrimination goes back to the beginning of time and is still going strong today. It reached its peak during one of the most terrible periods of our modern day world when, during 1941 through 1945, it leveled its evil against the Jewish people. It was called the Holocaust.
It all began with minor, negative sentiments, picked up intensity and Hitler caught the ball and ran with it. It caused the destruction of more than six million Jews. And, folks, it is beginning all over again, even after we said, “never again” would be let that happen.
All across Europe anti-semitism is spreading like a cancer. Jews are taking the blame for everything from grandma’s burned biscuits to all the evils in the world today, being called the “descendants of apes and pigs” and their enemies vowing to wipe Israel “off the map.”
The enemies of Israel do not know what they are doing. They are toying with a “demolition force” far greater than the ones on TV. And that’s saying something. The Jewish race of Israel is the living, almighty God’s chosen people. Destruction is coming to those who take a stand against them. Period.
Let’s take a stand against racial discrimination in all its disguises and put an end to this anti-semitism. We must stand with our friend and ally, Israel. They are, of all people, most under attack today, and for no legitimate reason.
Jean Bond