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‘Insurgent’ a good follow-up to ‘Divergent’


Nicole TracyBy Nicole Tracy

Literary Columnist

Insurgent, book two of the Divergent series opens just a few minutes after the events of Divergent. Tris, Four, and a few others have traveled to the Amity’s faction headquarters for a safe haven to regroup and figure out what to do next. Facing a decision to allow all the different factions in their space, Amity finally agrees to allow it, provided everyone is peaceful.
Thus begins the major action part of the novel. Erudite and Dauntless traitors arrive at Amity to search for Abnegation members. Tris, Four (Tobias), and Caleb manage to escape by jumping onto an oncoming train full of armed factionless who escort them to a factionless-safe zone. The group is lead to the factionless leader, who turns out to be Four’s mother, Evelyn. Tris overhears an important conversation between Four and Evelyn. During this encounter, Evelyn threatens Tris.
Tris and Four then travel to Candor headquarters where they are arrested and subjected to a truth serum trial at Candor. During the trial, Four admits he joined Dauntless to escape his father’s abuse.
Candor is attacked by Dauntless traitors and Tris is revealed to be Divergent, captured, and eventually rescued. She discovers a simulation that causes Dauntless members to commit suicide unless a Divergent is surrendered to the Erudite. So, of course, Tris sacrifices herself for the good of everybody else, by agreeing to the leader of Erudite, Jeanine, to be tested as long as the results are explained to her as to why she is Divergent. Jeanine can not seem to figure Tris out though, and decides to just do away with her.
The story ends with the revelation that the factionless Divergent ones are the ones who are going to save everyone. With that, there is a massive cliffhanger left to deal with until one picks up book 3 of the series.
Insurgent was a good follow-up to Divergent. As one would expect from a book two, it was not the greatest, but it was not that terrible, either. It was not quite as good as Divergent, but just like most second books in a series, there always has to be one that is heavy on details and seems to drag on and on to set up for the final book, where things usually pick back up.
The character development in the story is top notch, and the reviewer can not fault author Veronica Roth for anything in this book. With that being said, there is a lot of detail and events to keep up with in this story. Overall, the recommendation for this one is the same as it was for book one, Divergent. If one chooses to read it, one will not be disappointed.
Insurgent is is available at the Howard County Public Library. Copies are limited, so if it is unavailable, ask to be placed on the waiting list for it at the front desk.

In addition to serving as an associate librarian with the Howard County Library, Nicole Tracy has years of experience in literary fields. She writes an exclusive weekly column for The Nashville News.

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