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“Thankful for the little things!”

We mostly think of God as a spiritual God, and not always a physical one. Not only have I been sick lately, but here in Nashville we were hit by an F2 tornado last night. He loves us enough to be with us during our physical trials as well the spiritual ones.

I went to church last night, just like any other Sunday night, and when I was in prayer, the Lord spoke and said He would protect me. I went home after service, thinking something like, ”Cool, the Lord is going to protect me from some kind of spiritual attack.” I went on to bed about 11 p.m. thinking about how good it is to sleep when it is raining. About 11:25 I got a call and text from my dear friend Cindy saying, “Get out of that house and get to shelter, there is rotation around you.” I said, “Oh Snap, that means I have to get dressed (jokingly). She said, “ No, I’m serious get out of there!” I’m still thinking surely not, and she continued to say, “ Shut up and get to the office, and get in the template room!” I got up and got my clothes on, begrudgingly. I went out to my car and attempted to drive to my office. I started down the road and just past my church driveway, and an electric pole fell in front of me. Squealing my tires and turning just a bit, I missed that pole. I went around the pole saying, “Thank You Jesus!”, and then all of a sudden a man in a white truck appeared with his window rolled down. He said in the calmest voice, “Don’t go that way, you can’t go that way, there is a large pine across the road.” I said okay, proceeded forward and saw the pine, but then I looked in the rear view mirror and the man had disappeared, like he was never there at all.

I may be crazy, but I believe God shows up for us in the physical, just as well as spiritual. He definitely has had his hand on me lately.

Or let them lay hold of my protection, let them make peace with me, let them
make peace with me Or else let them come to me for protection. Isaiah 27:5

Our father loves us and wants to protect us, He gave us life. Do you ever think that he wants to keep hold of the life he gave us. He wants to walk with you every step of the way. He is more than we will ever know, he is in places we could never imagine. He is surely and on time God.

Glad he rides with me,



More Than You Think I am~ Danny Gokey

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